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Story emerged at the time but didn't go thru with it thkfully..

McCann set to break with tradition and axe Celtic crest -

Sunday Times, The (London, England)
October 16, 1994
Author: David McKinney
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CELTIC are preparing to break with years of tradition by changing their club crest. The current image of a four-leaf clover could be replaced or amended as the club attempts to create a new corporate identity.
Top-level meetings have taken place as the club's managing director, Fergus McCann, seeks to make the club more attractive to the Scottish business community. A thistle and the Celtic tartan have already been mooted as possible symbols of Scotland which could be included.

Peter McLean, the club's PR officer, confirmed last night that Celtic are working towards tighter Scottish links.

``We are a Scottish club, and would hope some sort of Scottish element will be incorporated in the new crest," he said. ``There is a question mark over the two or three different logos currently being used for different purposes and we are looking for one which will fairly depict Celtic Football Club.

``There are two or three being considered at the moment, although we haven't yet reached a final decision. We would like a Scottish/Irish image, because we are very proud of our history, and I don't see us moving far away from our traditions."

The move, however, will anger sections of the club's support who jealously guard Celtic's history and traditions.

The four-leaf clover not a shamrock as many believe has been part of the club's heritage since they started playing at the present Celtic Park in 1892 and found a four-leaf clover growing on the centre spot before the start of their first game.

There are already signs of disquiet among many of the club's supporters, as they see sentiment making way for a hard-headed American-style business approach under McCann.

A compromise on the crest could be a decision to bring back the Celtic Cross displayed on their jerseys for the centenary year, which proved popular with supporters from Scotland and Ireland.

Supporters might well have the chance to influence the decision. ``We haven't made a final decision yet, and we would consider any suggestions sent in by the supporters," said McLean.
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