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Banners: 2007-2008 Misc (3) - Kerrydale StreetThe Jungle Bhoys” was a fan organisation/group set up in 2005 in order to help push and organise the Celtic fans to create atmosphere, add colour and build camaraderie at matches. Ever since the advent of mandatory all-seater stadia in the 1990’s, the atmosphere at every football ground (including Celtic Park) has rapidly declined, and at certain grounds you’d get more noise in a library. To counter this, following requests on the forums for a name, “The Jungle Bhoys” was set-up and were upto 2010 the premier group for fan participation on matchdays.

One notable organiser/member of "The Jungle Bhoys" was Brendan Sweeney who was one of the members of the important "Celts for Change" group back in the early 90s.

The group were primarily responsible for organising the large displays at the premier matches (e.g. European games) which included the very impressive flag waving displays and banners. They were a huge success and pictures of the displays were passed around forums across the football world. As a measure of fan participation in football, it put to shame the more corporate driven organised displays in practise in England's Premier League. The displays enhanced the reputation of the club and our support, and many travelling opposition fans liked to come to even just see the support in action on our big nights. It made a marked difference for the players on the pitch and was a major advantage that was a foundation stone in our grand home record.

The group also tried to get a section in the ground for people to relocate to in order to create a “singing section”, and in all honesty this was touch and go in success (to time of writing).

To publicise the groups and finance their activities, they maintained a general forum, sold programs and had a membership which was open to anyone. Subscriptions and donations were always welcome to help them in their efforts. The group was very much apolitical and ecumenical in its core support and numbers, and all were welcome and assistance was always required even in the smallest of ways on match days.

It wasn't all plain sailing for the men and women in charge. Early card displays met with a mixed response and some undeserved criticism, and this led to the group abandoning card displays for the flags instead. In another incident, following disagreements due to a anti-sectarianism banner which was aped by a Rangers' fan group, a split by a minority of Jungle Bhoys' members led to the creation of the more direct/belligerent “Green Brigade” Ultras group (The Jungle Bhoys liked to emphasise that they are not an "Ultras" group which is common on the continent). Relations were generally amicable but the general ethos of the two was markedly different, and at the end of the day both of the groups helped to generate enthusiasm and colour at the matches.

However, the "Green Brigade" started to take the limelight. Generally their membership was younger and attracted the more active of the support and this was at a cost to the "Jungle Bhoys". Younger supporters with more energy and time on their hands is vital to any group, and so in time the "Green Brigade" became the predominant group, and the influence of the Jungle Bhoys diminished. It shouldn't be taken that the Jungle Bhoys were less important. They'd made a great impact and without them the Green Brigade might not have been and they certainly learned themselves off of the Jungle Bhoys efforts.

Sadly, on Dec 30th 2010 the Jungle Bhoys decided to fold. The Green Brigade was there to fill the void.

Overall, “The Jungle Boys” were a great success and a welcome addition to the support, and we all will wished them well in their efforts.

They should be proud of what they have achieved, and we are very proud of all the work they put in.

Jungle Bhoys notice

Dec 30th 2010

"After 5 and a half years in which we have had a fantastic experience and had the pleasure of meeting some of the finest Celtic fans you could wish to be involved with, the Jungle Bhoys have decided to call it a day as we are unable to commit any further to the time and effort involved in matching past displays.

We would like to thank everyone who have helped in any way down the years from the bottom of our hearts and thank them for the memories.

Remaining funds will be donated to two great causes, the Kerrydale St Charity AuldBhoy appeal which is raising money for St Maggies Hospice, something very close to my heart after recent bad news with a close family member and the Celtic Graves Society.

God bless and Hail Hail!"


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