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Media | About Celtic
Fanzines have been an integral part of football culture since the 1980s when they became the weapon of choice for supports across Britain. Hundreds of genuine fans, fed up with their image being tarnished by the hooligan minority, used the fanzine to fight back against attacks on the game and clubs they loved by the then Conservative Government as well disintrested and freeloading club chairmen and owners.

However, while Celtic fans were also quick to take to the typewriters during this period, the Hoops can boast a fanzine heritage which goes all the way back to the 1960s and The Shamrock (See Below). Indeed The Shamrock could well be the first ever football fanzine.

To find out more about Celtic fanzines check out the links below and take a look at 'The Shamrock - Birth Of The Fanzine' from the 'Soul Of Celtic' series.

Online Collections

Most clubs would be lucky to have one half-decent website dedicated to programmes, fanzines and collectables. But Celtic have not one but two fantastic sites on this very subject -Celtic Programmes Online and the Celtic Collectors Club. These sites are among the very best Celtic sites on the web and both are well worth a very regular visit.

Current Fanzines

The fanzines below are those Celtic publications which are currently in existance. Just click the links below for more details abot each fanzine and where you can get hold of a copy.
celtissueThe Celt
Not the View
Fanzines - Kerrydale StreetThe Alternative View
Fanzines - Kerrydale Street
More Than 90 Minutes
CQ Magazine - PicCQN Magazine

Publications From The Past

Below are links to Celtic fanzines which are no longer in circulation. To find out a little about each publication just click on the link.

WTPWelcome To Paradise
Once a TimOnce a Tim
The ShamrockThe Shamrock
TheHuddle fanzineThe Huddle
Over and overOver & Over
Jungle DrumsJungle Drums