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  • HELP! This article was posted up on the green brigade forum today and has caused a bit of a stir to say the least.

    A good few posters have decided that we, as the fans, need to do something about this.

    We have already got the ball rolling by contacting the Celtic Supporters Association and the Celtic Trust, so hopefully we can get something positive from them.

    We have already had a lot of replies on the forum from people offering to put in man hours in order to sort out the grave site and possibly replace the headstones for both him and his family as a tribute. We have also had a good few people offering to donate money to help us on our way.

    Obviously once we hear back from the CSA and trust, we will need to get into contact with Mr Maley's family to ask for their blessing and also to gauge what they would like us to do. If we can get the money together and enough volunteers, we will do everything to their wishes.

    I thought it was best to give KDS the heads up on what we are proposing and to give everyone the opportunity to chip in with any help or suggestions, as it was you who brought this to our attention.

    It may be worth your while signing up to the forum and having a look at the thread on the main celtic page, or alternatively I will be able to speak on the main KDS forum from monday.

    As I said it's still early days but if anyone could help in anyway it would be much appreciated.
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    Posted: May 8 2010, 9:05 AM EDT by Big_Mick
  • Maley, Willie - Willie Maley's Grave Willie homepage | Graves & Memorials Willie Maley's Grave by Maley's Spirit (May 2010) Following a brief discussion on the main forum a while back, we noted Willie Maley was buried in Cathcart Cemetery though no one seeme
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  • Maley, Willie Managers | Player Pics | Manager Pics | Celtic Foundations Personal Fullname: William Patrick Maley aka: Willie Maley, William Maley Born: 25 April 1868 Died : 2 April 1958 Birt
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