Celtic’s Foundation – The Catholic Childrens Refuge 1890

Celtic's Foundation | The Social Environment of the 19th Century

This article outlines the beliefs of the Catholic community around the time of the clubs foundation in trying to retain their own sense of values, beliefs and faith whilst integrating into a larger Christian community. As Mnsgr Munro points out they could have had their poor, sick and children looked after by well meaning men of strong values but faith meant a lot to the people.

He hints at the smallish Catholic Community which existed prior to the famine years. Celtic contributed to many causes in their early years, The Poor Childrens Dinner Table being the most famous of these and cited by Brother Walfrid as being the primary reason for the founding of the club. The sum of £70 given towards the refurbishment is the equivalent of around £4200 in todays money, the club continues to have a charitable nature though not as perhaps outwardly active as in those early years.

The fans from supporters clubs to individuals and online communities continue to support causes close to their heart throughout the world and at home. Herald Article on The Refuge