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Started: 28 May 2006
Founder: Fitzpas
Web address: www.thecelticwiki.com
Original web address: www.kerrydalestreet.com
Twitter: @TheCelticWiki

History of the Celtic Wiki

KDS LogoThis Wiki followed as an extension of the Kerrydalestreet (KDS) forum, and was given the honour of the full “www.kerrydalestreet.com” address, whilst the forum kept the “.co.uk” name. The forum was the brainchild of KDS forum founder Fitzpas in order to create a user-friendly and easily updateable and accessible encyclopaedia on Celtic.

So in May 2006, Fitzpas signed up with Wetpaint’s “Wiki” site and invited a handful of people from the KDS forum to help work on it.

Following a few months of hard graft to get the project off the ground, this Wiki was made live in around October 2006 and has since grown steadily, and is well known as the first place for Celtic info also away from the main Celtic football forums. As well as Celtic fans, this site has been used by various authors, newspaper journalists and other football clubs (e.g. Liverpool FC) for information & assistance, and even an ex-player assisted by creating the biog for his own page!

You will commonly now see the site referred to in references in Celtic books and other articles on Celtic, which is something we are very proud of. This is a site we wish everyone to be able to use for the benefit of the support.

No subject is too big or small, and the site covers a whole multitude of areas on the Celtic experience. We hope it brings back memories for everyone.

In April 2010, ‘TheHumanTorpedo‘ from this site, began a new section on the CelticUnderground podcast, basically a short retelling of a player or event from Celtic’s history to help spread the word on the club and the site. It became a very popular addition and very much appreciated. A collection of the tales can be found here (see link).

In May 2010, the site obtained the new address “www.thecelticwiki.com” and rebranded as “TheCelticWiki“. The reasons were mainly to be able to differentiate it from the main forum but also as this site had become increasingly referred to as “The Celtic Wiki” in the forums. So in recognition of this we decided on the new web name & address.

In July 2013, WikiFoundry took over the wikis from Wetpaint, taking the traditional platform with the aim to build on the great work done in the past across all online Wetpaint wikis. We are thankful to Wetpaint for their support over the past number of years.

On 1 June 2021, WikiFoundry’s platform ended, TheCelticWiki was transferred over to WordPress. We are thankful to WikiFoundry for their support over the past number of years.

The site continues to grow and provides entertainment as well as interest for all. All contributions are always gratefully received.

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Wetpaint Article

The article below from 21 Aug 2007 from “wetpaintfreshcoats” has shown that the site is appreciated and respected by more than just the Celtic crowd, but we believe it can always get better (so if you have an idea then get stuck in!).

From www.wetpaintfreshcoats.com (21 Aug 2007)
from http://www.wetpaintfreshcoats.com/ 21 Aug 2007


“Top Ten for Most Influential Celtic People on the Web”

In August 2007, Wiki admin Dianogah was selected in the “Top Ten for Most Influential Celtic People on the Web” for all his hard work on the site by respected website “Celtic Underground”, a well-earned accolade.

The Honour was an annual event and contributors from this site were regular entrants in the list. Dianogah naturally for his continued work on the site, Auldbhoy for his work on the main forum and the wetpaint site for the “Man of the Match” surveys during the season, and TheHumanTorpedo for “The Soul of Celtic” articles. All worthy and much deserved.

(from the Top Twenty Most Influential Online Tims 2007)
10. Dianogah from Kerrydalestreet.com(not to be confused with .co.uk) Like Kiwi Mick above the true influence of Dianogah will not be felt for a few years to come. However, nobody can deny that the creation and development of the Celtic wiki has been a remarkable achievement. Obviously this is a project akin to painting the Forth Rail Bridge but the administration behind it is clearly a labour of love. If you ever meet someone who wants to learn more about the club this is the site to direct them to. Articles, photos, match reports and videos – it’s got the lot. And it’s only going to get bigger.
(from the Top Twenty Most Influential Online Tims 2008)
16. Auldbhoy KDS . As someone who doesn’t find Maths particularly straightforward I am in awe of the work Auldbhoy puts in on the POTY page on the Celtic wiki. Did you know that Celtic fans think Gordon Strachan was 5% better last season than the season before? You can’t argue with statistics.
Like most things on KDS the POTY awards are run with military (but not
paramilitary) precision. In fact if Auldbhoy was to run this annual award ceremony you are currently enduring it would be a damn site better than it is. For a start when someone decides to complain about the ranking Auldbhoy would be able to point to all sorts of stats to back up each person’s position on the lhist. Me? I’d have to shrug my shoulders and say, “Aye probably but ach well…”
(from the Top Twenty Most Influential Online Tims 2008)
9. Dianogah Celtic Wiki. Last year I said that it would be a while before the value of this site was fully realised. I kind of meant a bit longer than 12 months but it would seem that word is out and the KDS Celtic Wiki is now the go to site for Celtic information. I’ve been sent links to this site 8 times in the past month from a variety of different friends, none of whom are members of the KDS forum. The fact that anyone can contribute is what makes this site a real favourite. I understand that some players have even edited their own articles.
(from the Top Twenty Most Influential Online Tims 2009)

14. (NE) Human Torpedo KDS Wiki
We will talk more about the Celtic wiki soon but HT’s contribution to timdom this past season deserves special mention. His “Soul of Celtic” series is simply genius. Let the fans vote not for their favourite player but for what they understand to best represent what Celtic is. So now we have 50 definitive events in Celtic’s history. And the key thing is that these events aren’t decided by the club but rather by the people that matter – the fans. HT has created something that represents Celtic because we decided it represented Celtic.
(from the Top Tweny Most Influential Online Tims 2009)

5. (9) Dianogah KDS Wiki
The Celtic wiki has gone from strength to strength over the past season. However it’s the fact that it was referenced in an article in the Guardian that has propelled it into the top 5. When the old media point out a site such as the wiki then something significant is happening. The Celtic wiki is increasingly becoming the first point of reference for those wish to know more about the club. If the club has any sense it will, at the very least, link through to the wiki from the official site in the near future. And if the club was genuinely concerned about its online presence it would buy the entire thing lock stock and barrel off the guys who created it.
(from the Top Tweny-five Most Influential Online Tims 2010)
6. Auldbhoy (NE) – The Celtic Wiki Over the past year the value of the Celtic Wiki has become apparent and the glue that holds it together is the man known as Auldbhoy. Despite it being a tough year for Auldbhoy he has overseen the exponential growth of the wiki to the extent that it is now recognised as one of the finest fan wikis anywhere online. Indeed the regular awards it receives from sources such as Wetpaint and acknowledgements in books by noted authors such as Douglas Beattie will testify to its quality. This site, perhaps more than any other, is a perfect example of the “by the fans for the fans” ethos that permeates the online Celtic community.
(from the Top Twenty-five Most Influential Online Tims 2010)
1. Dianogah
With Fitzpas hanging up his spurs Dianogah became the new sheriff in town. Yes the KDS mods are a collective and yes they all lock and delete posts with equal power but Dianogah is the man with the keys to the kingdom. He has found himself as part of not one but three of the websites mentioned so far and his involvement with both the Celtic Graves and the Celtic Wiki cannot be understated. However, it is the fact that he is the name above the door of KDS that makes him worthy of our top slot. With the managerial changes which have taken place at Celtic Park there really is only one website to keep an eye on for gossip and insider knowledge and that’s KDS. There is a hardcore of punters who are regular drinkers in certain West End alehouses and this means they are well worth listening to when it comes to club gossip. Given this it is only logical that the man in charge of the mostinfluentialsite takes this year’s number one spot. Even if he is trying to destroy the world.
(from the Top Twenty-five Most Influential Online Tims 2011)
25. Dianogah (Last year’s place: 1) – KDS
After the glory of 1st place last year it would appear that fame and fortune all got too much for Dianogah and over the past 12 months he’s been harder to spot than an accurately completed tax return form at Ibrox. He’s basically done nothing of note this year at all and can consider himself lucky to still have a place on this list. The only reason he makes it at all this year is because he snuck into one of the Celtic Graves pictures the other week, otherwise we would have forgotten he existed.
(from the Top Twenty-five Most Influential Online Tims 2011)
6. Joe Bloggs City (NE) – The Celtic Wiki
The problem with truly brilliant ideas is that over the course of time we start to take them for granted and we forget just how outstanding they really are. The Celtic wiki is without doubt the best fan resource available for any club in Scotland and possibly any club in the UK. Have a look around the net – there isn’t another set of fans anywhere creating a database like this for future generations to enjoy. Maintained by JBC with the assistance of a few individuals whose names will be familiar to regular podcast listeners, the wiki is a site where you can lose yourself for hours. So much of the history of our club can be found there it’s astounding to think that the club haven’t brought it in house to ensure it can be preserved for future generations. No matter what you want to know about Celtic you’ll find it there. And if it’s not there today you can bet that JBC will have it up on the wiki tomorrow.



About KerrydaleStreet - Kerrydale Street

In July 2008, in the first 2008 Wetpaint Golden Paint Can Awards, Kerrydalestreet.com was voted by its peers in a community voting system as one of the top Wetpaint sites on the net, winning the “Fans gone wild” category.

A very truly well earned award, with many thanks to all those who voted for us.

See: Wetpaint Awards, and Wetpaint Award Winners 2008.

Following the awards, Wetpaint advertised the winners on the multitudes of Wetpaint wikis it is parent to, and proudly displayed the following banner for our own efforts.

About KerrydaleStreet - Kerrydale Street

2009About KerrydaleStreet - Kerrydale Street

In the 2009 Wetpaint Golden Paint Can Awards, this site was nominated in the new “Sports” category, and won the “Sports” award as voted by our peers in the community voting system. Another proud moment for the site.

  • Full list of winners: 2009.

A very truly well earned award, with many thanks to all those who voted for us.

2010GoldenPaintCan Award 2010 - Pic

In the 2010 Wetpaint Golden Paint Can Awards, this site was nominated in the new “Sports” category, and won the “Sports” award as voted by our peers in the community voting system. Another proud moment for the site. This was despite a concerted campaign by some non-Celtic forums to derail it! The award is dedicated to John Condron/Auldbhoy who was a major contributor on this site but sadly passed away at the end of 2010. He is heavily responsible for the site winning this award, and it’s in his honour for us.

  • Full list of winners: 2010.

2011Wetpaint Judges Award badge 2011 - Pic

In the 2011 Wetpaint Golden Paint Can Awards, this site was again nominated in the “Sports” category, and for the first time we had won the double!!!!

Once more won the “Sports” award as voted by our peers in the community voting system but also for the first time we’d won the “Judges” prize.

2011 Wetpaint Golden Pain Can Award - Pic

It has been a testing time since the passing of John Condron and we dedicate this to his memory and to all the contributors big and small who have played a part to help keep this forum updated and filled with info & data for everyone’s reference.

  • Full list of winners: 2011.

A very truly well earned deserved set of awards, with many thanks to all those who have supported us over the years.


Below are the various mastheads we have used on this site since inception of the site.


About KerrydaleStreet - Kerrydale Street

2009- May 2010

About KerrydaleStreet - Kerrydale Street

May 2010 – Dec 2010

Kerrydalestreet - Banner

Kerrydalestreet - Banner

Jan 2010 –

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From 2016

Celtic fan wins the internet with the single best Champions League final tweet

22:26, 28 May 2016

Updated 23:56, 28 May 2016

By Jon Moody

Fan of puns and wordplay, rejoice!

Denis Doyle Real Madrid CF v Real CD Espanyol

The Champions League final between Real Madrid and Atletico had it all.

Rio Ferdinand in a bow tie – check. Sergio Ramos making history – check. A missed penalty – check. Gary Lineker calling playacting Pepe “a d***” – check. A dramatic penalty shootout ending – check.

For the most part, all that it was missing was a tweet which contained such genius wordplay, you feel compelled to stand up in your living room and applaud. Until now, that is.

Using the song San Francisco by The Mamas & The Papas as its base (you’ll recognise it once you read out the tweet), it’s a excellent display of teamtalk wordplay…

“If I was Zidane I couldn’t resist giving the instruction: “If you’re going at Juanfran, Isco. Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair”” — Celtic Wiki (@TheCelticWiki) May 28, 2016