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Celtic BadgesFor years Celtic supporters have collected badges of every description. The literally thousands of badges produced is in part due to the the number of supporters clubs who made badges for their members

David Hood runs a Celtic Badges website,, and another excellent site is the similarly titled (see below for fuller details).

He has over 3,000 badges in his collection and is regularly looking for 'wants' and 'swaps'.

Another good link for badge collectors is William Mulholland's excellent CSC Badges site which provides details of hundreds of badges of Celtic Supporters Club's.

William also provides a bit of history on the development of enamel badges which are still so popular today.

There are also some specialist "Badgemen" who wear jackets covered in their collections. See Celtic Badgemen.

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The Badge below is part of my Celtic Collection which i believe to be the very 1st Celtic Badge,Collectables -Badges - Kerrydale Street
for those who collect Celtic F.C. badges you will know that the club only started producing them
some 50 yrs after this one was made, its fully hallmarked for 1920 and the makers are one of
Londons top Silversmiths & Goldsmiths and were registered from 1852 -1952, the badge is
believed to be a one of a kind and was a special commission by the then Celtic Manager Willie
Maley, i am not sure if the 1908 four leaf clovers medals were made by the same Jeweller but
I am sure that this badge is the Jewel in my own Celtic badge collection.

Is this the 1st ever Celtic Badge?
Reverse of the Badge

Celtic Badges website

Site link:
Probably the most comprehensive list and catalogue of Celtic Supporters Club badges (CSC badges) on the internet is, they have over 1300 badges listed with photos in country categories and information on Celtic supporters club (CSC's) from all over the world.

Through the years there have been many Celtic supporters clubs, some have come and gone, some have merged with other, old ones have disappeared, new ones have started but through all this one thing remains constant.

Celtic supporters have always been interested in raising funds for their clubs and charities in the true Celtic spirit, one way they have done this is through producing pin badges and what a diverse collection this can be with each club having their own ideas on how their pin badges should look.

Through the years many badge collectors have popped up and websites for badges have come and gone, that's one of the main reasons cited for

The site creators looked all over the internet and found many site listing badges for sale, or individuals listing their collections but couldn't find a reference point for all Celtic supporters club badges that everyone could use as a central point for information on badges and clubs and so the website was born.

We hope you like visiting and seeing all the different pin badge designs, past and present in the site. It is well organised and presented, and a great joy to browse through.

The site has been updated regularly with new pin badges and Celtic supporters club information, if you are a member of a CSC then your club's information will probably already be on the site, if not you can add your site and club info.

If just visiting out of interest, you will see the site has probably the biggest list of pin badges and information from clubs all over the world, from such far off places as Papua New Guinea to more local clubs in the UK.

Worth a visit to the site….


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