1918-01-01: Celtic 0-0 Rangers, League

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  • The Glasgow Herald reports the Pope's condemnation of the bombing raids on Padua and Treviso, which he says caused the deaths of innocent civilians and damage to churches and artworks that could not be justified under international law. LINK
  • The same newspaper reports the Turkish Grand Vizier as stating that his country is the only one that has not had an anti-semitic movement and declared that they were favourably disposed to the Jews in Palestine while blasting Balfour's Declaration to Rotheschild as humbug.
  • The Herald also reported that Sir Arthur Yapp was heckled when he addressed a meeting of workers at Bermondsey asking them to conserve food. He was asked why those in the East End of London had to queue for food while those in the West End didn't.




Shaw, McNair, Dodds, Jackson, Cringan, Brown, McAtee, Gallacher, Bauchop, McMenemy, Browning


Hempsey, Manderson, Blair, Pursell, Dixon, McKenna, Archibald, Bowie, Brown, Cairns, McDermid

Attendance: 50,000


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The Glasgow Herald, Wednesday 2nd January 1918
The New Year’s Day match between Celtic and Rangers attracted upwards of 50,000 spectators to Parkhead, and a fast and interesting game that favoured the home team ended in a goalless draw. The feature of the match was the staunchness of the defending of both clubs, and of Rangers in particular, for admitting that Bauchop proved but an indifferent substitute for McLean, there was an understanding and a degree of skill shown by the Celtic forwards only rarely in evidence on the other side. The shooting of both sets of forwards was hasty and ill-judged even a penalty kick proving too much for Browning, and this was the only real shot delivered at either goal. The gate drawings amounted to £1,268, further evidence, if any were required, of the popularity of the game. At Hampden as at Parkhead, goals were conspicuous by their absence, but at Firhill the forwards had matters pretty much their own way, McLean claiming the first three for Third Lanark.

Glasgow Herald 2nd January 1918

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