1918-05-04: Celtic 1-0 Morton, Scottish League War Fund Shield

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  • The Herald's view of the SFA's position regarding raising money for the war could best be described as "we are not amused" if the article below is anything to go by.
  • The star of the Morton side, their centre-forward Alex McNab would soon leave for the United States and much later would again face Celtic when they toured in 1931. Alex was with a New York Yankees select which lost by 4-1 to Celtic on their American Tour.
  • If McNab was the star of the Morton side the left-winger Stan Seymour would make a bigger impact on the game of football and would go on to become known as "Mr Newcastle United".
  • Sir Horace Plunkett, chairman of the Irish Convention has written an open letter to the press warning that the extension of conscription to Ireland would bring about the biggest crisis the British Empire had ever faced, would result in much bloodshed and threaten Home Rule.
  • The King has approved the appointment of Viscount French as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to replace Lord Wimborne who has resigned.
  • There is a lull in fighting on the Western Front, but on the Eastern Front the War Office reports that the Turks were beaten off during fighting in Palestine and 314 Turks were captured in an action east of the Jordan to the south of Es Salt.
  • Glasgow Herald, Monday May 6, Casualties: Reports details of 348 Officers and 6,501 Men.



Shaw, McNair, Dodds, Jackson, McStay, Brown, Kelly, Gallacher, McLean, McMenemy, Browning

Bradford, Morrison, Ormonde, Lawrence, Wright, McLean, Grant, Robertson, McNab, Stevenson, Seymour

Referee: G. W. Hamilton (Motherwell)
Attendance: 15,000


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The Scotsman – May 6 1918

CELTIC, 1 goal; GREENOCK MORTON, 0. The Scottish League’s War Fund Shield final tie attracted an attendance of fully 15,000 to Hampden Park, Glasgow. Morton gave a good account of themselves, and were unfortunate in losing by the only goal scored.

The Parkhead side played fine football throughout, and in the first half, when Gallagher scored, they were distinctly the better side.

After the interval they were kept on the defensive for fully half an hour by a rejuvenated opposition, who did everything but score. Towards the finish, the Celtic reasserted themselves, but to no purpose.

The total drawings amounted to £835.
Scottish League War Fund Cup Final 1918