1918-12-14: Celtic 2-0 Dumbarton, League

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  • The Monday edition of the Glasgow Herald that reports this match (briefly) also reports that the 17 captains of the Scottish club are seeking a return to wage bargaining and a free transfer to professional footballers who do not received £3 per week. LINK
  • The same newspaper reports that Sinn Fein are expected to sweep the polls in the Irish elections.
  • Also featuring in the Herald are reports of the election from Dundee where Edwin Scrymgeour, Winston Churchill and James S. Brown are the subjects. [Churchill won on the occassion but was beaten by Edwin in 1922]




Scorer: McColl, McMenemy


Miller, McGrory, Marshall, Lawrence, Durnin, Hendry, Ritchie, Bell, Yarnall, Carmichael, Thom

Attendance: 6,000


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The Glasgow Herald – Dec 16, 1918
Professional football players have lost no time in following the lead of their employers, and on Saturday the captains of the 17 Scottish professional First League clubs decided to approach the League with a view to having the restriction on wages removed. It is the desire of the clubs to revert to pre-war conditions and the players point out that when mid-week football is allowed and a new competition created conditions will approximate so nearly those obtaining prior to 1914 as to warrant the request that their remunerations should also be based on the pre-war standard. In a joint letter to the secretary of the League the players ask that body to sanction a return to the pre-war scale of wages and, further to grant a free transfer to all players with two years’ service who are not offered a wage of £156 per annum on or before April 30 1919, the new scale of wages to commence on January 1, 1919, and all deferred bonuses and extra payments to be distributed in due course.
There was reason to expect Rangers meeting with another check at Clydebank, but the home team sadly disappointed their fervid following, and the monotonous 1-1 draw of last season was followed by an inglorious 5-0 defeat. The champions were not asked to live up to their nomenclature; playing well within themselves their forwards scored regularly and easily, and their defence was seldom extended when asked to beat off the sporadic attacks of the local team. Celtic had an equally facile if not such a decisive victory, due not so much to the deterioration of their opponents as to the efficacy in attack and defence consequent the return of McMenemy and McStay.