1919-01-04: Third Lanark 2-3 Celtic, League

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  • Celtic field a team that has a pair of Adams, McLean and Duncan, the latter a Rangers player being better known as Scott Duncan was guesting as he couldn't get a start in the Ibrox line up which allowed him to satisfy his wish to play in a green and white jersey.
  • The Glasgow Herald of Monday January 6 reports that the Scottish League have agreed that the wealthier clubs can pay their players a bonus in excess of the existing fixed rate of £1 but the poorer clubs must limit their players to this sum. The Herald makes a strong case against professionalism and opines that all clubs should make their players find "some form of useful employment and so make football a secondary consideration" LINK
  • The Herald also reports that 10,000 troops mutinied at Folkestone by refusing to embark on a troop transport ship bound for France where they were be further deployed as part of the army of occupation in Germany. The troops marched through the town to protest their delayed demobilisation.




Turnbull, McCormack, Orr, Walker, Graham, McGowan, McConnachie, Weir, Allen, Donaldson, Love

Scorers: Orr, Allen


Scorers: McLean, McColl, McMenemy



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The Glasgow Herald – Jan 6, 1919
By twice taking advantage of indecisive tackling, Celtic early gained what ought to have been a commanding lead at Cathkin. But the same defects were features in the Parkhead defence after the interval, and it was the inability of Allan to take advantage of one of McNair’s very occasional lapses that prevented Third Lanark extracting a point from a game that favoured the ex-Champions.