1919-08-23: Hamilton Academicals 1-2 Celtic, League

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  • Tommy McInally scores his seventh goal in three games this season.
  • Facing Celtic are two stars from England, Charlie Hafekost and Irvine Thornley signed by manager Alex Raisbeck.
  • On page nine of The Glasgow Herald, the Duke of Sutherland and Manny Shinwell (just released from prison) have differing views of the prospects of the workers in Scotland. LINK



Mason, Kerr, Little, Hall, McNamee, Johnston, McLaughlin, Murphy, Thornley, Hafekost, Smith

Scorers: Murphy


Scorers: McMenemy, McInally

Attendance: 12,000


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The Glasgow Herald, Aug 25, 1919
At Hamilton Celtic had an uphill fight made very difficult by Mason, whose saving of a penalty kick from McLean was merely one item in a masterly display of goalkeeping. A little more care on the part of Hakefost would have involved the champions in a two goal deficit at the interval. McInally was not so successful as usual; only once did he evade McNamee, and long range shooting was lost upon Mason. A veteran took up where the recruit left off, and the last and best goal of the game was scored by McMenemy, the outstanding forward on either side.