1919-11-08: Celtic 1-1 Falkirk, League

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  • Debut and only game of the season for Fifer, David Pratt, who developed a long throw-in technique, whilst this was Willie Lawrie's third and final game for Celtic's first team.
  • Monday's Glasgow Herald which reports on this match also states that a worldwide Bolshevik plot to take over the world had failed and 200 plotters were arrested in New York alone. Also reported from the USA is the decision of an Indianapolis court to order all striking mineworkers to return to work. LINK
  • The Herald also reports the arrest in the New York area of Jim Larkin the Irish labour leader who has been charged with criminal anarchy.




Scorers: McInally


Scorers: Ferguson

Referee: C. Rocks (Hamilton)
Attendance: 14,000


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The Glasgow Herald – Nov 10, 1919
Though Celtic occupy a leading position on the League table, it has been obtained rather easily, and somewhat fortunately since two thirds of their engagements have taken place at Parkhead; the majority against moderate opposition. Even when winning the attack has seldom given satisfaction; a maximum of skill has so far yielded slight results in goals. Much cleverness in the outfield has gone unrewarded because so little penetration is there in an attack that requires renovating. The introduction of Pratt is proof that the directors are alive to the situation and the fact of the young Fife player’s debut synchronising with the first drawn game of his club this season ought not to deter the Parkhead officials from making other alterations, if draws are not to give way to defeats. The defence of the Falkirk team was made to appear better than it really was by the incapacity of opponents who spent long periods in the firing line – the penalty area – and were so many damp squibs.