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“Celtic jerseys are not for second best, they don’t shrink to fit inferior players”
Jock Stein

Celtic Kits

Celtic Kit - Kerrydale Street

Stroll down memory lane. Collections of Celtic’s home and away tops from over the years, and as you will easily come to the conclusion “Simplicity is best”!

Note: Celtic have over the years been victims of the catwalks when it comes to Celtic away gear. Some of our away tops would even shock Vivienne Westwood, so please before you start wadeing through the posts below of old Celtic Away Tops, wear some safety goggles. All that I can say in their defence is that they were only a temporary line.

Nothing though beats the traditional Hoops.

History of Celtic Tops


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  • East Fife wore the Green & White Hoops outfit in the early years and their first ever game was against a Hearts X1 on August 15, 1903. Celtic began wearing their hoops at the start of the 1903-04 season and the opening league game was against Partick Thistle on that same day, August 15, 1903.

Celtic Kit - Kerrydale Street

Celtic Kit - Kerrydale Street