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Celtic Park - Directions - Kerrydale Street

It is only around a half-hour walk from the city centre, but go along the Gallowgate rather than London Road, both to avoid Bridgeton and to enjoy the many pubs along the way.

There are plenty of buses available too – First Bus number 43 (along London Road to the Main stand side) and 61, 62 or 64 as well as most Lanarkshire bound buses from Buchanan Street (along the Gallowgate to the North Stand side) all pass by the ground.

Bus Timetables:

43 [Sat] [Sun], 61 [Sat] [Sun], 62 [Sat] [Sun], 64 [Sat] [Sun]

There are also a few other bus companies who operate services on the route via Argyle Street – just ask the ever-helpful drivers if in doubt.

By Car:

If driving from the south, stay on the M74 until it ends then continue on the A74.

From the north, take the M80 and A80 then the M73, M74 northbound and A74 as above.

From the east, leave the M8 at Junction 8 then take the M73, M74, A74 route.

From the west, follow the A8 and M8 until Junction 19, then A814, A89, A749, and A74.

There is a free stewarded car park directly in front of the Main Stand, but this can be a bit of a lottery to get out of.

If you are boxed in by someone enjoying post-match hospitality you could be there for hours.

Alternatively, there are plenty of side streets round about where friendly local urchins will look after your motor for a small contribution. Celtic Park - Directions - Kerrydale Street

By Train:

Travelling to Celtic Park by train isn't ideal but it does avoid the often horrendous matchday traffic.

There are three stations "serving" Celtic Park as part of Glasgow's suburban electric rail network. Timetable.

– Bellgrove is to the west of Celtic Park and is approximately one mile from the ground. This is served by the line through Queen Street's "low level" platforms with the trains running to Airdrie, Drumgelloch, to the east.

Dalmarnock is about a mile south of the stadium and is served by the line through Central Station and Charing Cross. The trains on this line run out to Motherwell and Lanark.

– Bridgeton is on the same line as Dalmarnock and is a similar distance from the stadium in a south-west direction.

A word of warning if travelling to or from Bridgeton – try to travel in a large group, and keep your colours hidden as Bridgeton is ironically not a particularly Celtic friendly area, and some fans have been attacked there in the past. Best to avoid if at all possible – you could stay on until the next stop, Dalmarnock.