Guide on editing the Pics section

1) If you have any photos, please catagorise then as follows

Known game? – then make the relevant page in the correct decade section

Make a page in the following form

YYYY-MM-DD: Home Team Score Away Team, Competition – Pictures


1957-10-19: Celtic 7-1 Rangers, League Cup – Pictures

And this would be created as a sub-page of '1957 pics', which is in '50's pics'

Known year? – If all you know is the year the photo was taken, the put it in the relevant year/season page

Known Decade? – If all you know is the decade the photo was taken, put it in the relevent decade page

Misc pictures? – put in the misc pictures section, for categorising at a later date

2) Have a look in the misc pages for each decade. If you can help out by identifying them, please categorise them as above

3) there are also section for pictures of players. If there are quite a few of the same player, then make a "player pic" page like the ones already done"

PLEASE remember to link the picture pages to other appropriate sections of the site

eg – if you make a page of photos from a particular game, then go to the game in the year by Year section and put a link to it