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Hoopy The Huddle Hound
Hoopy - Pic A popular and lovable mascot, the costume character has the look that is popular to all. Kids love it and it was a big improvement over the old mascot.

The goofing around of the mascot on matchdays has become a regular feature, and is much to the delight of most people. If Hoopy isn’t there for a home match then people start querying about it on the forums.

A loveable old dog

Some may have whine about Mascots, and even find them a bit ridiculous but they really should take a step back. In 2014, the wonderful little boy Oscar Knox who was bravely battling cancer was guest of honour at Celtic Park for the matches v Cliftonville in the European Cup. The pictures of Hoopy with Oscar Knox will melt your heart, and meant a lot to Wee Oscar and his family. For some children, Hoopy is just a wonderful addition to the Celtic experience, and the Oscar Knox experience has made it all something special.

The New Hoopy
In July 2009 Hoopy appeared to have had a makeover after the old Hoopy suit went missing at the end of the 2008-09 season. The “new” Hoopy was the subject of discussion and was deemed at first to be an imposter (all in humour). All in time grew to love the new mascot design and has become part of the Celtic family and matchday experience.

Criminal Record:
Hoopy gained notoriety in 2000, when it was discovered that one of the actors inside the Hoopy suit was a pickpocket, this only being noticed after several items went missing from Celtic Park. The culprit will have been sent to the dog house without his bone for his misdemeanours.

Hailey The Huddle Hound
Celtic Mascots - The Celtic Wiki In the late 2010’s (around 2018-19) a female Hoopy the Huddle Hound compatriot was added to the mascot line-up, moving with the times, and very welcome the female mascot is too.

She was named ‘Hailey’, ‘Hailey the Huddle Hound’.

Vince The Parrot

Born 1993
Deceased 1994
Introduced by the old biscuit tin board as a mascot, following after a fan dressed as a parrot won a Celtic fancy dress contest at a match at Celtic Park (I kid you not!) (see match & pictures).

Classic episode for Vince the Parrot is rumoured that a certain director had an argument in the fancy dress shop about the cost of the costume and so on.

Short-lived character that some recall and became a victim of the changes after the takeover of the club in 1994.