Newspaper Cuttings In An Elastoplast Tin

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The following pages are a collection of newspaper cuttings (circa 1950), posted on KDS by Antsplan, on the 20th June 2009.

He wrote this on his post…

I was given this old tin and postcard from my great grandmother yesterday.

Posted Image of Elastoplast Tin

Posted Image of John Thomson's Grave

Mair tat, I thought at first. She has just moved house and has been clearing her old house out giving members of the family some of her 'treasured' items that she no longer wants. :ponder:

Anyway, out of politeness I looked in the tin only to discover hundreds of tiny newspaper cuttings. They must have belonged to my 'Celtic daft' great granda, John 'Jonah' Burns.

I was fascinated by some of the cuttings so I thought I'd scan and share them here, they may be useful for the wiki ?

They look to have mostly been collected from the 1950's and seem to be questions sent into a newspaper and answered by a JAYMAK.

I can imagine my Granda memorising these snippets and testing his pals knowledge over a game of dominoes at the Celtic club in London road

Can anyone shed any light on who JAYMAK is ?

The postcard was sent to my great uncle from his parents in what looks to be 1947 and is from Cardenden, the site of the John Thomson memorial.